ArchieVereen_Wife.jpgArchie Vereen

Utilizing a mixture of innovative surgical techniques and sensitivity to the patient’s needs, Dr. Jaspreet Singh not only successfully diagnosed and treated Archie Vereen for prostate cancer, but also ensured his family’s comfort through an always difficult time.

After a yearly physical with his primary care physician revealed elevated PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels, Archie was referred to Dr. Singh for further evaluation. A biopsy confirmed the cancer diagnosis. The surgical choice was not automatic for Archie and his wife, Rachel. As a member of the Jehovah’s Witness faith, Archie refuses blood transfusions, which is a part of any traditional surgery. Dr. Singh was able to accommodate the family’s beliefs by performing a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. The procedure drastically reduces the amount of blood loss by allowing doctors to perform the surgery in a magnified fashion with finer instruments. In addition, his team obtained a Cell Saver machine, which delivers any blood loss back to the patient.

The procedure, which is usually only done in major cities, successfully removed the cancer.


“What I like about Dr. Singh is that he was really concerned about my comfort. The hospital also made sure that whatever I needed, or whatever my wife needed, was accommodated. It made it easier for both of us. I would definitely recommend Dr. Singh to people because they can trust him and rely on him to do everything he can for his patients.”


Guarracino.jpgJohn Guarracino
John Guarracino’s prostate cancer diagnosis came just three days before Christmas. His biopsy results revealed that 75% of his prostate was infected with the cancer.

John contemplated seeking treatment in Westchester or Manhattan, but after speaking with his urologist, Dr. Praneeth Vemulapalli, and hearing about the advanced technologies of the daVinci Robotic Surgery at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, he looked no further for his treatment. So John had the surgery and all the cancer was removed. During his recovery, John was never in any significant amount of pain. The next day he was out of the hospital. It only took about two months before he was 100% back to full activity, spending time with his wife, watching his grandchildren and playing golf. Best of all, today John can say proudly that he is cancer free.

As for his doctor, Mr. Guarracino says, “Dr. Vemulapalli, I can’t say enough about him. Excellent surgeon. He saved my life.”

​“I’m happy to be alive. Being able to run around with my grandkids and playing golf is more than I could have asked for.”