​Clinical Trials


St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, in partnership with our colleagues within the Montefiore Health System offer a range of

clinical trials.

 What is a Clinical Trial?

     • A Clinical Trial involves doctors helping to answer a question about health or medicine.

     • Clinical Trials test new ways to prevent, detect or treat disease.

     • Clinical Trials help us to learn if a new drug or treatment is safe and effective.

     • Some other words that describe Clinical Trials are clinical research, research studies,

       protocols or surveys.


 How can a Clinical Trial help me?

     • It may improve your health.

     • You may be offered new experimental drugs or treatments that are not available outside of a Clinical Trial.

     • You will be seen by leading doctors at the forefront of their fields.

     • Results of this research might help develop new information about your medical


 For more information, please visit: http://www.montefiore.org/research