​Genetic Counseling


What to Expect from A Genetic Counseling Session?

• A discussion of the likelihood that the cancers in a family are hereditary, as well as a review of the role that genes

and environmental factors play in development of cancer.

• A cancer genetic counselor will evaluate your family history, focusing on relatives diagnosed with cancer, and

talk about risks for inherited cancer, as well as screening and management for those at increased risk.

• If genetic testing is available, the counselor will tell you about the tests and help you decide if testing would be useful to

you. Where deemed appropriate, assistance is provided in arranging and coordinating testing, and interpreting results


• The counselor will also talk about the meaning of the results with you, help you plan to talk about the results with family

members, and share the results with your medical team.


Who can benefit from Cancer Genetic Counseling?

     • Individuals who have a personal and/or family history of:

     • Multiple relatives on the same side of the family with the same or similar cancers

     • Breast/ovarian/pancreatic

     • Colon/uterine/stomach


Cancer at unusual early age

     • Breast cancer under 45 years

     • Colon cancer under 50 years


More than one cancer diagnosed in the same individual

     • Two occurrences of breast cancer in one person

     • Breast and ovarian cancer in one person

     • Uterine and colon cancer in one person


A family member with a known altered cancer-predisposing gene


How does one get referred for genetic counseling?

You can discuss cancer genetic counseling with your health care provider and request a referral, or you may contact us

directly for more information at (845) 458-4444.


Our Experts

Nelly Oundjian, MD, is Director of the Cancer Genetics Program at Nyack Hospital. She is Board Certified in Pediatrics

and Clinical Genetics, and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University College of Physicians

and Surgeons. She is a member of the American Society of Human Genetics and the New York State Genetics Task


Tatyana Zakharenko, NP, High Risk Program Coordinator is women’s health nurse practitioner who specializes in the

high-risk breast cancer program at Nyack Hospital.  She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Long Island

University and then earned her Master of Arts degree at New York University in Midwifery and Women’s Health. She

holds a national board certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) in Advance Genetic Nursing.

Dr. Nelly Oundjian works with a team of specialists to provide immediate attention to your specific health concerns. The

team includes general surgeons, breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, plastic surgeons, and oncologists.

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