The Vision

St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital’s Center for Cardiac Care is dedicated to providing the most advanced, integrated cardiac care in the region – from lifesaving angioplasty to a full range of diagnostic catheterizations and interventions.


Anticipating and responding to the lifelong cardiac needs of the residents of the mid-Hudson Valley is the primary goal of the SLCH Center for Cardiac Care.  As a premier provider of cardiac care, SLCH is recognized for delivering superior medical care, embracing clinical innovations and providing exceptional health education.  


Catania Family- small.jpgChris Catania’s story illustrates that a cardiac event is often unexpected. When it happens, patients can feel that exceptional care is being delivered. In addition to providing unparalleled medical treatment, the cardiac care team at SLCH is devoted to the patient’s comfort, well-being and a smooth recovery. The Center for Cardiac Care provides compassionate care in a warm and welcoming environment.






Recognized for Quality Care:


Aetna Institute of Quality® For Cardiac Care  
Aetna Institute of Quality® (IOQ) for Cardiac Care:
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital has been designated as an Institute of Quality® for Cardiac Medical Intervention by Aetna. SLCH was chosen as an Aetna Designated IOQ facility because we demonstrate excellence in care, a commitment to continuous improvement and represent an exceptional value to our patients.