SLCH Center for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
19 Laurel Avenue
Cornwall, NY 12518
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Education, counseling, and training in our gym under the direct supervision of the Cardiac Rehabilitation team will help you understand your heart condition and find ways to reduce your risk of future heart problems. The Cardiac Rehab team will help you to learn how to cope with the stress of adjusting to a new lifestyle and to deal with your fears about the future.

For patients with coronary disease, the physical and emotional challenges can be great. SLCH’s Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation is dedicated to restoring health and well-being to these patients through a multidisciplinary program for both mind and body. According to the American Heart Association, cardiac rehabilitation programs can “extend overall survival” and “improve quality of life” for those with coronary issues.

You can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation if you have heart disease, congestive heart failure or have had a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty, valve repair or replacement, PTCA (balloon procedure), or heart or heart/lung transplant.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Makes a Difference
Almost everyone with heart disease can benefit from a cardiac rehabilitation program. No one is too old or too young.

Cardiac Rehab is a safe & effective way to help you —
- Get better faster
- Live longer
- Get stronger
- Reduce the risks of future heart problems
- Reduce stress

Cardiac Rehab can also help you control risk factors such as —
- Smoking
- Obesity
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- High blood cholesterol
- Stress
- Sedentary lifestyle