Catheterization Labs


Advanced, accurate diagnostics and treatment for your heart and arteries are available at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital. The cardiac catheterization labs are among the region’s most active, offering the latest technology, experienced board-certified cardiologists and a compassionate and skilled support staff. Diagnostic and treatment procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab can prevent catastrophic cardiac events.

Cardiac catheterization is used as a diagnostic tool to determine to what extent coronary arteries are blocked. The volume of demand for services in these labs has grown exponentially from just under 500 in 2005 to more than 1,100 cases in 2010. As a result, SLCH is expanding its catheterization capacity with a third cardiac catheterization lab.

Cardioversion is also offered. This procedure delivers an electrical shock to the heart at a specific moment in the cardiac cycle in order to convert an abnormally fast heart rate or cardiac arrhythmia to a normal heart rhythm.


At SLCH, quick response is vital to saving lives. The average amount of time between arriving at the emergency room and being treated in the cardiac catheterization lab is less than the state and national benchmark of 90 minutes. SLCH offers advanced ambulatory diagnostics by providing EKG transfer technology to emergency responders. This allows EMT personnel to communicate vital cardiac information to the SLCH cardiac care team prior to the patient's arrival at the emergency room, saving precious time and helping preserve the vitality of the patient's heart muscle.

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