Mission, Vision, and Core Values 



St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, a member of the Montefiore Health System is dedicated to providing exceptional health care to improve the lives and well-being of the people in the communities we serve.



To continue as a leader in exceptional health care delivery by collaborating with our patients, providers, employees and regional partners to improve the health of our community for life.  We will excel as a highly efficient organization driven by quality and service excellence.


Core Values:

We committee to holding ourselves, each other and our organization to the following core values:


  • Patient Centered
  • Compassion
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Collaboration


Purpose of Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (the Code) provides guidance to St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, a Member of the Montefiore Health System, Inc., Hudson Vista Corporation,  St. Luke's Cornwall Health System,  St. Luke's Cornwall Health System Foundation, Amos F. and Sarah L. Holden Home, Goldsmith D. and Mary B. Johnes Home, and St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital Insurance Company (hereinafter referred to as the "entities") and assists us in carrying out our daily activities within appropriate ethical and legal standards. These obligations apply to our relationships with patients, affiliated physicians, third-party payers, subcontractors, independent contractors, vendors, consultants, and one another. It is also expected that outside colleagues, i.e. vendors, consultants and others whose actions could be attributed to the entities, will adhere to similar standards in their dealings with us and with others on our behalf.  Each employee, medical staff member and personnel employed through contracted agencies of the entities is expected to adhere to our high standard of conduct whenever he/she acts on behalf of the entities.  Violations of legal or ethical requirements jeopardize the welfare of the entities, and the community we serve. 


The Code is a critical component of our overall Corporate Compliance Program. We have developed the Code to ensure we meet all ethical standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations.


The Code is intended to be comprehensive and easily understood. In some instances, the Code deals fully with the subject covered. In many cases, however, the subject discussed has so much complexity that additional guidance is necessary for those directly involved with the particular area to have sufficient direction. Additional guidance may be obtained through our Compliance Officer at 568-2856, or Human Resource



Leadership Responsibilities

While all our colleagues are obligated to follow the Code, we expect our leaders to set the example, to be in every respect a "model". They must ensure that those on their team have sufficient information to comply with laws, regulations, and policies; as well as the resources to resolve ethical dilemmas. They must help to create a culture within the hospital, which promotes the highest standards of ethics and compliance. This culture must encourage everyone in the entities to share concerns when they arise.  We must make every reasonable effort never to sacrifice ethical and compliant behavior in the pursuit of business objectives, and must act in a manner that enhances our standing within the community.  


Our Fundamental Commitment

We affirm the following commitments at the hospital:


To our patients: We are committed to providing quality care that is sensitive, compassionate, promptly delivered, and cost-effective to entire community. 


To our work colleagues: We are committed to a work setting, which treats all colleagues with fairness, dignity, and respect, and affords them an opportunity to grow, to develop professionally, and to work in a team environment in which all ideas are considered.


To our affiliated physicians: We are committed to providing a work environment, which has excellent facilities, modern equipment, and outstanding professional support.


To our third-party payers: We are committed to dealing with our third-party payers in a way that demonstrates our commitment to contractual obligations and reflects our shared concern for quality healthcare and bringing efficiency and cost effectiveness to healthcare. We encourage our private third-party payers to adopt their own set of comparable ethical principles to explicitly recognize their obligations to patients as well as the need for fairness in dealing with providers.


To our regulators: We are committed to an environment in which compliance with rules, regulations, and sound business practices is woven into the corporate culture. We accept the responsibility to aggressively self-govern and monitor adherence to the requirements of law and to our Code of Conduct.


To the communities we serve: We are committed to understanding the particular needs of the communities we serve, and providing these communities quality, cost-effective healthcare. We realize as an organization that we have a responsibility to help those in need. We proudly support charitable contributions and events in the communities we serve in an effort to promote good will and further good causes.


To our suppliers: We are committed to fair competition among prospective suppliers and the sense of responsibility required of a good customer.


To our volunteers: The concept of voluntary assistance to the needs of patients and their families is an integral part of the fabric of healthcare. We are committed to ensuring that our volunteers feel a sense of meaningfulness from their volunteer work and receive recognition for their volunteer efforts.


To view the full Code of Conduct, please click here: LD 0907 Code of Conduct Rev 6 16.pdf