Become a Volunteer



Volunteering at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital (SLCH) is a distinct and rewarding experience. SLCH serves the healthcare needs of our patients, their family and friends, and we are grateful that you’re interested in helping out.

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and contribute their special talents for many different reasons. For most, volunteering is a powerful experience and the responsibility of serving patients in your community is especially gratifying.

Volunteers provide services in Patient Care & Non Patient Care areas. Once an application is submitted the volunteer will be matched with a department in need.


How many hours are volunteers required to serve per week?
Typically volunteers should be able to commit to 50 hours per year.
What times are most volunteer shifts?
We welcome participants for a wide range of hours but mainly volunteers are needed Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Can students volunteer?
Yes. Students may volunteer for a semester or a summer.

What do I have to do before I begin volunteering?
Prior to starting, all volunteers must submit health records to make sure they do not inadvertently put patients at risk. New York State law requires volunteers to fulfill certain medical requirements.

The Human Resources Department at SLCH coordinates the participation of hundreds of volunteers on an annual basis. Volunteers perform many functions at SLCH that add tremendous value to our patients.

Below is a PDF of the health requirements needed to volunteer at SLCH.

If you are interested in making a difference, CLICK HERE to fill out an application.

Occupational Health Guidelines (PDF)